Secaucus Hockey Returns!


Secaucus Ice Rink
Secaucus Ice Rink

The Secaucus Ice Rink renovation phase 1 has been completed.   As many of you may know the rink has undergone major renovations thanks to the Town of Secaucus Recreation center and the Mayor.   The following renovations in Phase 1 have been completed

Skating Surface Changes
The ground beneath the old rink was ripped up, new pipes were laid, and new concrete was poured.  The rink also has a completely new compressor/chiller system that will not only keep the rink open much longer but will do so at a lot less money than the previous system.

Lobby, Locker Rooms, Boards and Glass
The lobby has all new mats in place and the four very small locker rooms have been renovated into two very large locker rooms.   The town also purchased all new hockey boards and glass.

The Rink is Open
As of March 4th the rink is open and operating.  We are currently running clinics for Secaucus hockey recreation players and look to expand the program for next years season.   The plan is to have hockey teams running at every level from Mite through Bantam and possibly even higher.   We currently have enough players for our Mite and Squirt teams and are looking for interest in our PeeWee and Bantam teams.

Phase 2
The project will continue on to phase 2 after the rink shuts down some time in April.   Phase 2 comprises of replacing the roof to make the rink itself much more enclosed.   The rink facility building will also be getting a makeover.  The building will be converted into a 2-Story building with a large viewing area upstairs.    In addition to these changes two additional locker rooms will be built.

These are very exciting times for the Town and hockey lovers in Secaucus and the surrounding area.